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【Original】V2 Kamaniki Goods

【Original】V2 Kamaniki Goods

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✦ hoboLIVE Candy Charm comes in 7.5 x 5.5 cm
✦ PVC plastic wrapper, opaque and translucent colors
✦ Comes with a metal key ring
✦ Glitters inside (Not food, do not consume lol)

✦ Acrylic Standee is 5" in size
✦ Comes with a 3" Bottom Piece

✦ Charms are about 2" in size
✦ Double sided with different expressions/poses
✦ Comes with a metal key ring
✦ Comes with a protective film on both sides, please remove before using

✦ Enamel Pins are about 2" in size
★ Rose Gold Plated Hard Enamel
★ Rubber Black Clutch
★ Individually Packaged with Card

✦ Stickers are about 3" in size
✦ Printed on Water proof Vinyl material

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